Dr. Ushakiran Khan's writing continued while she was teaching Ancient Indian History & Archeology.

She has been contributing equally to Hindi as well as Maithili literature. She started the tradition of writing stories based in villages. Her stories got consistently published in popular literary magazines and journals. Eminent Editors like Dharmveer Bharti and Rajendra Yadav hailed her as a pioneer of rural stories which began the fading away of the era of ‘ Akahani' movement (post modern non story).


Dr. Usha Kiran Khan was born in 1945 to Shakuntala and Jagdish Chaudhary who followed Gandhi's clarion call for commitment to selfless service and settled in Bihar.

Born and brought up in a Gandhian family, Dr. Khan, spent her childhood in a very “Ashram” like atmosphere.

She is inhabitant of a region in Bihar, which is like a ‘ no man’s land’ caught between the turbulent shores of Koshi river where even now the only transport is a boat and a bullock cart. She is the first writer from this region. Her writing is honest and clean, which could not be written with just imagination, living in towns and cities. Her writing has a unique blend of intellect, research and social cohesiveness and sensitivity.


Ushakiran Khan has lately written unique novels based on historical research.

Of her writing influences, Khan say: "My great idol and role model for my inclination towards Maithli language is the noted writer and novelist Nagarjun. He has penned many novels, stories and poems and Maithli language and also he has been my guru from whom I have learned the beauty of this language" and "Nagarjun is like father like figure to me and his style of writing has always influenced me a lot.