• Dr. Ushakiran Khan's family comprises her retired IPS husband, Ram Chandra Khan, who served the Indian Police Service from 1968 to 2003, retiring as DG, Sports. Mr. Khan, himself a well read, learned, talented student of English Literature, has walked on the path of knowledge and creative learning with Dr. Khan lending his undulating support to her. Usha Kiran has four children, all settled in various fields of achievement. The eldest daughter, Anuradha Shankar, followed her father's footsteps and entered the police service and excelled in it, but also gathered the creative and compassionate instincts of Dr. Khan to emerge as a balanced human being, an upright officer, a sensitive woman, and a creative writer. She has been awarded the Gallantry Award and the Meritorious Service Award. Dr. Khan's second child is a well established lawyer of Patna High Court, Tuhin Shankar. Known for his oratorial skills in the court, and a sharp mind, Tuhin has imbibed good professional skills from his parents. Tanuja Shankar Khan, the third child of Usha Kiran, is a media person and film maker, and proudly boasts of being inspired by her to enter the field of writing and making films. Last but not the least, Dr. Khan's youngest child is Kanupriya Pandit, an established theater personality, trainer and an actor par excellence, who has been steadily leaving an indelible mark in the world of theater for education, and television serials for channels like Zee TV and Star Plus. Blessed with seven grandchildren pursuing a variety of interests from world Philosophy, film making, wild life conservation, sports to music and dance, the children are all poised for a bright future under her inspiration.

  • With a huge extended family from both the sides of parentage and matrimony, Dr. Khan is blessed to be surrounded by her very loving and established siblings, and numerous children settled all over the world.

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